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Guangzhou Miaoke Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet enterprise focusing on vocational education. It owns the brand "MiaoKe Vocational Education". Since its establishment in 2020, Miaoke has thoroughly implemented the national talent strategy of vigorously developing vocational skills education, and is committed to building a workplace talent university, covering student skills training, grading certification, employment and income generation, and helping workplace professionals learn and grow for life.

Miaoke can produce research and course research as its core competitiveness, comprehensively use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies to innovate and develop the teaching model of "famous teacher live broadcast + AI guidance + student practice + teaching assistant Q&A ", and based on the game heart The concept of flow, and joint industry experts and consultants jointly polish the course content, create an immersive learning experience and a professional and systematic knowledge system for students, and help students truly master hard skills in the workplace .

At present, the Miaoke team has exceeded 300 people, and the MiaoKe Vocational Education platform has launched hundreds of workplace skills courses. The cumulative number of users on the platform has exceeded 10 million and has maintained rapid growth, gaining a leading position in the domestic office software training market. MiaoKe has been favored by capital many times, and has successively obtained strategic investment from Tencent (stock code: 00700) and Tongdao Liepin (stock code: 06100).

Miaoke Technology has won many honors: the champion of "Creating Youth" Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurship Competition, the champion of Guangdong Province's "Chuangchuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition, and the champion of Qinglan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Tencent Education Annual Ceremony 2020 Influence Online Education brand, Sohu Education 2021 Brand Strength Vocational Education Institution, Tencent Education 2021 Word of Mouth Influential Vocational Education Brand, etc.

In the future, Miaoke will continue to invest in the research and development of products and course content, actively expand more cutting-edge workplace courses, and develop the B-end enterprise training service market. "Second" stands for "minutes, seconds , and moments", and "ke" stands for "possible, recognized". Miaoke is committed to helping the majority of professionals in the workplace to learn and grow, gain recognition and achievement, and achieve common prosperity. "Unsatisfactory promotion and salary increase can improve competitiveness in Miaoke"!

Our Culture

Miaoke's mission: Empower talents with technology, help more people stimulate their interest in learning and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace

Miaoke's vision: to create the first brand of vocational education

The values ​​of Miaoke:

Results-oriented, honest and humble

Continuous breakthrough, open sharing

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