Guangzhou Miaoke Technology Co., Ltd., founded in Guangzhou in 2017, is a leading Internet online education enterprise that integrates R&D, promotion, marketing and service with office software skills training courses represented by office as its core brand.
The company owns the brand "MiaoKe Vocational Education", which has been launched since 2020. It has thoroughly implemented the national talent strategy of vigorously developing vocational skills education, and is committed to building a workplace talent university, covering trainee skills training, grading certification , employment and income generation, and helping workplace talents learn lifelong growing up.
In the future, Miaoke will continue to invest in the research and development of products and course content, actively expand more cutting-edge workplace courses, and develop the B-end enterprise training service market. "Second" stands for "minutes, seconds, and moments", and "ke" stands for "possible, recognized". Miaoke is committed to helping the majority of professionals in the workplace to learn and grow, gain recognition and achievement, and achieve common prosperity. "Unsatisfactory promotion and salary increase can improve workplace competitiveness in Miaoke"!
  • 2015

    Entrepreneurial team formation, construction of WeChat scanning code ordering system

  • 2017

    In December 2017, Guangzhou Miaoke Technology Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2020

    In February 2020, the "MiaoKe Vocational Education" project was officially launched.

    In March 2020, the 1.0 version of the learning system and the first course "Excel Practical Training Camp" were launched

    In June 2020, the course "Advanced Data Analysis" was launched

    In December 2020, won the 2020 Influential Online Education Brand Award of Tencent Education Annual Ceremony

  • 2021

    In January 2021, the monthly sales volume of courses exceeded 10 million

    In March 2021, "PPT Practical Training Camp" will be launched

    In July 2021, the cumulative number of paid students exceeded 1 million, and a strategic investment from Tencent (stock code: 00700) was obtained

    In October-November 2021, he will be the champion of the "Creating Youth" Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurship Competition, the champion of the Guangdong "Zhongchuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition, and the champion of the Qinglan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition."

    In December 2021, MiaoKe Vocational Education will obtain Sohu Education's 2021 Brand Strength Vocational Education Institution and Tencent Education's 2021 Word of Mouth Influential Vocational Education Brand

  • 2022

    In January 2022, get a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan from Tongdao Liepin (stock code: 06100)

    ......Seconds can be a workplace, a lifelong learning platform for professionals, we are always on the road

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